Our team is growing! We are super excited to be welcoming Dr. Vaidehi Patel, ND and Dr. Todd Bisaillon, ND to the team!! They are both accepting new patients!! Please reach out at info@rootsnaturopathic.ca to schedule an appointment or click "Book an Appointment" to schedule online.

Welcome to Roots Naturopathic Wellness Center!

​You And Your Health Are Worth It! ​
What to Expect: ​
  • We will work alongside you to get to the root of your health concerns and support you on your healing journey. 

  •  We will listen, dig deeper, and better understand you as an individual and your goals.
  •  We will not dismiss your health concerns just because lab test results are "normal" - "normal" may not be YOUR optimal.
  • Once we have identified the problem, we create an individualized treatment plan that works for you.